Sunday Morning Pancakes

My Sundberg januari 17, 2015

These Sunday pancakes are due to their content maybe not the most healthy breakfast option, but I assure you you're tastebuds will be well stimulated in compensation.

Obviously this recipe is too delicious to be limited for consuming only one day a week, they'll taste just as good on a Tuesday as any other day. But still, I like to call them my Sunday pancakes, because for me that's the time when I'm most likely to wake up in the morning with a tiny bit more ambitious breakfast plans than usual. I've tried countless of different recipes of these fat darlings, using everything from buttermilk to bicarbonate soda and yoghurt. Yes, I said it, yoghurt. Maybe it's not the most orthodox ingredient for making pancakes, but trust me, it works so well in this recipe. For these easy peasy pancakes you need the following:


Don't forget to serve with some crispy fried bacon, fresh fruit or maple syrup, or all three, it's Sunday!


Combine the dry ingredients and then gradually add the natural yoghurt, whisking and making sure the batter is silky and lump less. Add in the egg and the melted butter. Leave the batter for a few minutes, maybe ten, to activate the baking powder. Then it's just to fry away 'lagom' sized cakes in a well buttered medium hot pan. Flip once the surface of the pancakes starts to get bubbly, you'll see when! Serve steaming hot with anything sweet or salty and you're in for at perfect delicious start of the day.

*Lagom - A popular Swedish expression commonly used to describe that something is perfect, just right and not too much nor too little.